Sucking at life

I wish one of my teachers in collage told me I sucked at my major, then I would have found something else and wouldn’t be feeling like I’m completely worthless and have no career. Yes I can always go back to school but who the fuck has money for that!! Cuz I’m lucky that I can but gas for my piece of shit car. I’m not complete self hating. I am very lucky. I just wish I could look at my life right now and feel accomplished or satisfied.


3 WEEKS!!! It’s been 3 weeks of me shitting my brains out and yet no dr can find what’s wrong with me. I already have a lot of food allergies so I watch what I eat. Unless I am developing another one. It’s like I am just not digesting anything…I need help…



Now Available: The Harrier!

The harrier is available for pre-order. Have you been wondering what you can wear to break bread with the leading members of the Revolution? Do you need to pass among the well groomed members of the aristocracy? The Harrier sports a swallow-tail cut away, ideal for looking elegant on horseback or climbing into a baroque carriage. We think it looks pretty cool on the subway or climbing into your sedan as well.

This jacket is short in the front, and slopes towards the back, allowing for comfort and grace as you walk, climb etc. It echoes the military and formal morning coats of the turn of the century. If you’re feeling revolutionary or perhaps prefer a more steam-powered version of history, we hope you’ll like this design!

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